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Eikon Publishing, 2021 / 448 p.

ISBN 978-606-49-0461-4

The music and its theory, with its mystery, with the philosophy and vision of a composer, a conductor or a performer is a helpful mean for the scenographer Cosmin Ardeleanu in mastering his craft. His book's perusal fills me with joy and astonishment. I am witnessing a personal, subjective, uplifting path, an artist's meekly made confession. As modest and sincere as the job that he does. I discover the passion, the pleasure and delight of knowledge. A vast and meticulous laboratory orchestrated by a beautifully vibrant author. This book has steps. For some, initiation ones. For others, the steps of polishing the diamond of knowledge. The amazed reader tastes from the overflow of colours, sounds, words, shapes, and volumes that come into his being. Cosmin Ardeleanu writes two distinct poems that, somewhere high, in a spiritual universe, come together and make a bridge, a plateau on which ideas flow freely, naturally, harmoniously. Miraculous.


Marina Constantinescu



Universitaria Publishing, 2021 / 346 p.

ISBN 978-606-14-1777-3

Signing over fifty production designs and having a career of over twenty-five years on the Romanian theatrical stages, Cosmin Ardeleanu invites us in a theoretical journey, essential not only for students in the Scenography class. This guide is therefore to be shelved where the classical theatrical handbooks are kept, the ones that serves and submits to dramaturgy. Reading this practical study, we will discover the portrait of a scenographer for whom always participate in rehearsals is an axiom, a scenographer who, imaging shapes and colours, does not forget that something that ‘must be highlighted in all theatre performances’ is the actors' score, a stage architect whose work focuses on finding and exposing ‘the atmospheric essence’ and for which the inspiration comes only after countless endeavours, remakes, quests.


Raluca Blaga

26 OF MY

Blurb Publishing, 2023 / Hardcover / 240 p.

ISBN 979-821-09-4241-8

The most bewildering paradox of scenography is its potential to create a space of mesmerizing beauty. Beautiful stage designs raise gasps of amazement among the audience. However, the exclamation ‘very beautiful scenery’ is well reminiscent of the adjective ‘nice’ paintings (or symphonies). Equally you might find decors which are, simply put, ugly. But does a successful set design have to be ‘beautiful’? What makes a good set in theatre? What makes a good set designer?


Cosmin Ardeleanu


Blurb Publishing, 2019 / Hardcover / 240 p.

ISBN 978-036-89-5304-0

When packing for my first trip to Asia, everybody told me that the high level of south-eastern humidity can damage any photography gear. So, I left all of my precious cameras at home and bought a small one with a few hundred dollars from a Bangkok mall. It was a waterproof travel camera by Olympus, TG-5. It had a 25-100 mm (equiv.) F2-4.9 lens with a macro focus range of 1 cm. Curiously, with all those technical limitations of a slow small sensor almost-like-a-toy-camera, I was free from everyday carrying large bags with lens, filters and cameras of all shapes and sizes, free from constantly changing wide with telephoto lens, free to observe millions of colors and scents, from the Golden Triangle of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, where Ruak and Mekong rivers meet one with another, through Phang Nga, on the shore of the Andaman Sea to the west and Phang Nga Bay to the south, all the way to Shanghai.


Cosmin Ardeleanu

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